Poster Info : Lobotomy Vertical Cross Section

In ancient times to heal people who have mental disorders, the psychiatrists do a very frightening medical act. After going through a period of mental illness is considered a demon possession, doctors conduct research and find that mental disorders experienced by many people who have problems in the brain. One of them is by doing psychosurgery called lobotomy.

At first, the onset of psychosurgery was discovered in the last decade in the 19th century. At that time the field of science began to find out that human thoughts and behavior can be mapped through brain anatomical features. The study was developed in Germany. A scientist named Friederich Golz discovered the theory after experimenting with a neocortical surgical ablation in dogs in 1890. From the experiment it was found that when the dog's temporal lobe is removed, the dog becomes better and quieter than before the surgery.

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