Gray's Surface Anatomy and Ultrasound: A Foundation for Clinical Practice, 1e Paperback – Student Edition

By Claire France Smith  (Author), Dilley BSc PhD, Andrew (Author), Mitchell BSc MSc PhD FIBMS FIBiol, Barry (Author), Drake PhD FAAA, Richard (Author)


A compact, radiantly represented (print + electronic) course reading that unites a dependable, clear and modern manual for surface life systems and its hidden gross life structures, joined with a down to earth use of ultrasound and other imaging modalities. 

An intensive comprehension of surface life systems stays a basic piece of clinical practice, yet with improved imaging innovation, convenient ultrasound is likewise quick getting to be necessary to routine clinical assessment and compelling determination. 

This one of a kind new book joins these two basic ways to deal with adequately understanding clinical life systems and reflects most recent methodologies inside present day therapeutic educational plans. It is custom-made explicitly to the requirements of therapeutic understudies and specialists in preparing and will likewise demonstrate precious to the wide scope of unified wellbeing understudies and experts who need an unmistakable comprehension of noticeable and discernable life structures joined with life systems as observed on ultrasound. 

Succinct content and great representations, photos, CT, MRI and ultrasound outputs give a reasonable, coordinated comprehension of the anatomical reason for present day clinical practice 

  • Exceptionally available and at a level proper for medicinal understudies and a wide scope of unified wellbeing understudies and experts 
  • Reflects current educational plan pattern of vigorously using living life structures and ultrasound to learn life systems 
  • Beneficial video substance demonstrating live ultrasound filters and guided territories of surface life systems to breath life into substance and reflect current educating and clinical settings 
  • A worldwide warning board selected to add ability and guarantee importance to the assortment of therapeutic and associated wellbeing markets 
  • Consideration of most recent ultrasound picture modalities 
  • Intended to supplement and improve the profoundly fruitful Gray's group of writings/map books albeit additionally successful as an independent or close by other set up life structures assets

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