Narcissistic Mothers:

 How to Handle a Narcissistic Parent and Recover from CPTSD

By Caroline Foster


Are you an adult child of a narcissistic mother? Do you suspect your mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Caroline Foster, an experienced life coach, will lead you into a painful path of awareness, but she will also give you concrete advice on how to handle your toxic mother and change your life for the better.

If you read this book:

  • You will discover all the reasons why your childhood was so traumatic.
  • You will learn how to handle your narcissistic mother.
  • You will discover all of the dysfunctional beliefs and habits that you developed during your childhood.
  • You will learn how to contrast Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. 

The issue of toxic mothers undeniably challenges the status quo in various ways, but most certainly needs to be addressed. Adult children of narcissistic parents are often plagued with such an abundance of guilt and sense of deep obligation and shame that it causes them to feel duty-bound to keep whatever happened in the family secret, even when it is destroying their lives. It’s really difficult to share your experience in this case, because narcissists, and especially a narcissistic mother, can be very good at creating the perfect family image for outsiders looking in.

The solution is not forgiving or forgetting. You should understand your situation and work on your self-development in order to take back control of your life.

Book Contents

What is Pathological Narcissism
Inside the Mind of a Narcissist
Types of Narcissism
Overt Grandiose Narcissism
Covert Narcissism
Narcissistic Strategies of Manipulation
How the narcissist controls you
Pathological Narcissists as Parents
Signs of Narcissistic Parenting
Enablers (enabler father)
The Narcissistic Mother and The Roles She Chooses for Her Children
Types of Narcissistic Mothers
Narcissistic Mothers and Their Sons
Narcissistic Mothers and their Daughters
Effects of narcissistic abuse on Adult Children
Protect Yourself from Narcissistic Mother
How to Handle a Narcissistic Mother If You Live with Her
No Contact with Narcissistic Mother
Taking Back Your Power
Move Out from Toxic Environment: Practical Tips
Caring for Aging Narcissistic Mother
Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD)
Emotional flashbacks
Toxic Shame
Inner critic
Social anxiety
Self-healing Tips

Even if you were born in the wrong place, and you grew up dealing with a narcissistic mother, you can leave the past behind and build a better future. It's never too late, let's start now!

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