The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book

 Protect Yourself and Your Family from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies - and More

By N.D. Jessica K. Black


This book is an OK starting resource for those who know little or nothing aobut nutrition, but I was hoping for a one-stop resource that would concisely and accurately summarize the current research on diet and inflammation, and this is not it. While it does contain a list of references at the back, the many controversial assertions (such as drinking absolutely massive amounts of water, and avoiding all nightshade vegetables including tomatoes and spinach, which are very high in documented health benefits)are not footnoted and supported by specific research. The discussion portion of the book is only 54 pages and contains little one couldn't find with a quick internet search. While the recipes look tasty, they take up the rest of the 225 pages and I have plenty of other cook books. Also, while the author gives a few general tips about nutrition, she doesn't mention the research on turmeric, which is perhaps the most promising anti-inflammatory spice, and she doesn't mention other important areas of research such as the effects of low aspirin doses and the extremely important relationship between inflammation and gum disease. I will be looking further.

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