Pharynx surgery

1 Pharynx posterior surface, from behind

The vertebral column has been removed to reveal the carotid sheath and constrictor muscles of the pharynx.

2 Posterior pharyngeal wall from behind

Slightly oblique coronal section of the head and neck in the plane of the posterior pharyngeal wall. with the right side slightly posterior to the left.
Sections of the posterior pharyngeal wall have been removed (asterisks - superiorly the pharyngobasilar fascia and inferiorly the lower border of the inferior constriction )  to reveal parts of the nasopharynx and the laryngopharynx respectively

3 ’ Opened’ pharynx from behind

Close-up of interior of the pharynx. after incising and reflecting posterior pharyngeal wall and reflecting posterior the mucosa from the left pharyngeal walls.

Source : Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy

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