Fusion Physics

By Kikuchi M., Lackner K., Tran M.Q. 


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 2012, 1130 pp.This publication is a comprehensive reference book for graduate students and an invaluable guide for more experienced researchers. It provides an introduction to nuclear fusion and its status and prospects, and features specialized chapters written by leaders in the field, presenting the main research and development concepts in fusion physics. It starts with an introduction to the case for the development of fusion as an energy source. Magnetic and inertial confinement are addressed. Dedicated chapters focus on the physics of confinement, the equilibrium and stability of tokamaks, diagnostics, heating and current drive by neutral beam and radiofrequency waves, and plasma–wall interactions. While the tokamak is a leading concept for the realization of fusion, other concepts (helical confinement and, in a broader sense, other magnetic and inertial configurations) are also addressed in the book. At over 1100 pages, this publication provides an unparalleled resource for fusion physicists and engineers.The case for fusion
Physics of confinement
Equilibrium and macroscopic stability of tokamaks
Plasma diagnostics
Plasma heating and current drive by neutral beam and alpha particles
Radiofrequency waves, heating and current drive in magnetically confined plasmas
Plasma-wall interactions
Helical confinement concepts
The broader spectrum of magnetic configurations for fusion
Inertial fusion energy

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