Vegan Meal Prep

The Starter Kit for Vegan Keto life, Weight Loss Solution with Cookbook and Recipes. Veganism with Ketogenic Diet Approach and Plant Based Diet with Whole Food.

By Aliona Davis


Discover the VEGAN Lifestyle !
Vegan is Easy to Make?

Vegan is Satisfying?

How do I plan a Vegan Meal?

Is protein an issue?
So, you’ve decided to go into veganism.

Maybe it’s for ethical reasons, maybe it’s for health reasons, maybe it’s for reasons that are personal to you and only you, and you don’t feel like sharing.

Whatever they are, veganism can be a bit overbearing and confusing for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and of course, the one question on every new vegan’s mind is: “How can I do this seamlessly and without too much trouble?”

That is where this book comes in.

Along with recipes that will help you meal prep and stick to your diet, it also comes with the following:
●    A guide on veganism, what it is, and how to ensure that you get all the nutrients that you need
●    The benefits and downsides of veganism
●    A comprehensive guide to tofu and how to prepare it
●    A look into meal prep, the types of meal prep, and why it’s the best solution on how to stick to your brand new diet
●    Ideas on what exactly you should have in your kitchen to succeed
●    An answer to the question: is sugar vegan and what are the options surrounding it?
●    Some ideas on substitutes that you can make to still enjoy your favorite foods
●    A guide to freezing and how to do it right

Veganism is often looked down upon and can be a very difficult and crazy lifestyle change.

You find yourself cutting out foods that you might’ve once loved and people around you tend not to be all that hot on veganism.

There is no shame in looking for a bit of help, and this book definitely has all the information that you will need.

There are plenty of recipes, ideas for what your meal prep schedule will look like, and even more. If you need something, you will definitely find it in this book. 

If all of this sounds like your ideal book, then hop on over and hit now that buy button!

Well, stress no more! Buy this book and also learn all...

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