The geometry of quantum potential

entropic information of the vacuum

By Fiscaletti, Davide


In virtue of its features, Bohm's quantum potential introduces interesting and relevant perspectives towards a satisfactory geometrodynamic description of quantum processes. This book makes a comprehensive state-of-the-art review of some of the most significant elements and results about the geometrodynamic picture determined by the quantum potential in various contexts. Above all, the book explores the perspectives about the fundamental arena subtended by the quantum potential, the link between the geometry associated to the quantum potential and a fundamental quantum vacuum.

After an analysis of the geometry subtended by the quantum potential in the different fields of quantum physics (the non-relativistic domain, the relativistic domain, the relativistic quantum field theory, the quantum gravity domain and the canonical quantum cosmology), in the second part of the book, a recent interpretation of Bohm's quantum potential in terms of a more fundamental entity called quantum entropy, the approach of the symmetryzed quantum potential and the link between quantum potential and quantum vacuum are analysed, also in the light of the results obtained by the author.

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