Where there's water there's life, that's fragile thinking.Scientists Say They've Found a Place on Earth Where No Life Can Thrive

Where there's water there's life, that's fragile thinking. New evidence suggests the exact opposite, or at least shows some new harsh variables that prevent life and water from being together.

The search for these constraints, he traveled the scientists to one of the harshest environments inhospitable on Earth: Springs d get geothermal in the low Danakil in Ethiopia. The Hellenic saltwater world is the hottest inhabited place on the planet, but it is unique for many reasons beyond suffocating heat.

The natural landscape of Dallol permeates lakes in the form of intensely salted and acidic water vents, coloured as a vibrant painting of green, yellow, orange and brown.

Looks beautiful from a distance like out of this world, but don't get too close. Hot tubs produce a toxic gas-saturated saline solution, and there is a significant burning volcano hidden below that strange surface.

Because of the harsh environment of Dallol, that area has surprised scientists for a long time. One of the research missions published in 2016 was dedicated to finding the possibility of living in a strange and so unsophisticated ocean.

Scientists have found a place on the Earth where life can emerge - the place on Earth where you can not for any kind of life to live - Springs acidic hot

At that time, said the commander of the mission Philip Gomez of the Center for the biology of Astronomy in Spain: "it's a wonderful place, but hostile... I burned chlorine vapor is the area of our development, any micro-organisms live here microbes that live in extreme conditions, and the attention of biologists astronomical".

Published the results of this survey only a few months ago, as the team reported what they said it was the first evidence of life in hot springs, acidic: "micro-organisms micro -" its size and NM only.

Now, a new study led by a separate team of scientists the discovery of the phenomenon of this ass -organisms like bacteria simple structure but differ fundamentally in molecular structure - or the validity of what they found, at least.

Microbiologist Jodie Bella of Paris-Sud University, France, tweeted on June, when an Advance version of her team's proof became available for the first time: "we refute the recent claim of life in dalol hydrothermal marshlands with harsh environmental conditions."

The researchers asked, " Is there life in the Dallal Basin too salty and acidic?

We say NO, based on microscopic and molecular techniques together, yet we find a lot of airborne and human contaminants."

In their discoveries home by the experts, the team used a range of analytical methods to study a wide range of samples from four homes within a d get ground heat in the three missions of the field between the years 2016 and 2018.

Together they discovered evidence of a life built on its in addition to what you may be sequences of the genes of the bacteria, the team says that it is likely that most of what they got was wrong.

Explained the authors in their research: "most of them were linked to a range of molecular biology known contaminants laboratory, while others were bacteria related to the human being introduced after during the day intense for the site".

According to the panel, the results strongly suggest that active microbial life originating from nature cannot be found in the doulal Basin and Lake ecosystem.

The researchers explained: "We've identified two barriers physical and chemical properties which prevent the life of the activity, the presence of liquid water on Earth and maybe anywhere else, despite being the presence of liquid water on the surface of the planet what the standard Muslim Health on a large scale the validity of the housing.

One of these barriers is the brines that are dominated by magnesium, which stimulates the cells to collapse through a process known as a (Chaotropicity), the other case is the level of toxicity of a certain concentration intense severe acidity and salinity, which indicates that: "adaptations molecular of hydrogen (pH) of the extremely low occurrence of high salinity are not compatible then the".

Of course, not finding evidence is not proof of non-existence, so he took samples of the extended sauna d get salt which is not revealed forms of life more complex than the fossils of microscopic does not prove it non-existent.

However, until more robust and convincing analyses prove otherwise, Bella and her colleagues remain certain that the most inhospitable corners of dalol are unable to settle.

Use the panel that: "the obvious repetition patterns and said -and, often, a structure rich in silicon is trying to shape and size of the cells, Ultra-Micro in places similar to the heat main function of the - reinforces the shadowy nature of free microscopic profile calls for combining vibrant prints many claim the existence of life on planet Earth at the beginning of his subsequently".


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