What is the Relationship Between Mysterious Earthquakes and Diamonds ?

Earthquakes in the mantle transition zone deep underground, the region that separates the mantle from the upper part. It is believed that the presence of liquid in the mantle plays a role in the activation of these deep earthquakes, but so far there is no compelling evidence to prove the presence of the fluid or not in these deep levels. Scientists now think that they have found evidence of a fluid in a very deep place, contained within ultra-deep diamonds.

Most diamonds are at depths ranging from 140 to 200 km, but ultra-deep diamonds have been found crystallizing at depths of 600 to 800 km below the surface of the earth. Inside these gems formed in the depth there are small defects or impurities resulting from the presence of fluids, and these impurities are more likely to reveal a fluid flowing in the layers of the mantle where the diamond is formed.

"This fluid is interesting for scientists who study the depths of the earth because the location and movement of these fluids may be a key to understanding how earthquakes occur," biochemist Stephen Sherry, chief research scientist at the Carnegie Institute of Science in Washington, told LifeScience at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The Deep.

Sherry and his colleagues presented new research at the American Geophysical Union meeting on Tuesday, December 10, in which they were able to personify the movement of fluid at depths using information about the sites where diamonds are formed in the mantle layer.

With the innovation of these models, scientists hope to collect information to try to absorb the movement of fluids in the deep mantle and the formation of diamonds. Sherry added: “We learned the properties of the physical rupture of rocks in that area of ​​the mantle’s transitional range. In the next step, researchers need to connect the fluid’s streams with deep earthquakes.”

Sherry said: «The deep earthquakes are full of energy and repeated and it is a very interesting reason for tectonic plates, as it is the deepest thing that we can see from tectonic plates» He added: «Knowing what happens at the boundary between the tectonic plates is very important for our planet.


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