Basic Concepts of Chemistry

By Leo J. Malone


Leo Malone, author of seven successful editions of Basic Concepts of Chemistry, has joined forces with Ted Dolter to create the Eighth Edition of this text.  Professor Dolters background and expertise in chemical education makes him uniquely qualified to bring a fresh, new dimension to an established text.  Many colleges and universities are moving toward an emphasis on Outcomes Assessment, the standardization within an institution of the goals of a course, and the statement of outcomes and the means of assessing how those goals are met.  This has had an effect of creating a significant amount of extra work for faculty members, whose training is subject specific, rather than in the administration of educational goals.  Our hope is to alleviate some of the burden being thrust upon these faculties by providing a text with a significant amount of assessment information already organized. The new edition of Basic Concepts of Chemistry continues its focus on the preparatory and basic chemistry market and now includes emphasis on chapter objectives and their assessment at three levels of competency so that both the teacher and student can determine to what degree the material has been assimilated. These levels are entitled Knowledge, Analysis, and Synthesis.  Knowledge measures the students acquisition of the facts of the science.  Analysis requires them to use those facts to solve varied problems.  Synthesis challenges them to reorganize the material and apply it to situations that may be beyond the scope of the material presented to that point.

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