Nocturnal Brain

Nightmares, Neuroscience, and the Secret World of Sleep

By Guy Leschziner (Author)


For Dr. Fellow Leschziner's patients, there is no rest for the tired as a primary concern and body. A sleeping disorder, narcolepsy, night fear, rest apnea, and sleepwalking are only an examining of conditions burdening sufferers who can't rest - and their encounters in attempting are the stuff of bad dreams. Demoniac fantasies startle individuals into loss of motion. Fretful legs shake both the restless and their dozing accomplices with eccentric and wild kicking. Out-of-match up circadian rhythms befuddle the common body clock's days and evenings. 

At that point there are the outrageous cases. A lady in a condition of profound rest who gets dressed, opens her vehicle, and travels for a few miles before coming back to bed. The man who has gone through decades clearing out kitchens while "rest eating." The young person inclined to the genuine, yet sadly nicknamed "Dozing Beauty Syndrome" stuck in a cycle of inordinate obviousness, pigging out, and unique presentations of hostility and hyper-sexuality while alert. 

With caring accounts of his patients and their conditions, Dr. Leschziner shows the neuroscience behind our dozing minds, uncovering the numerous natural and mental elements important in getting the rest that won't just keep up our physical and psychological wellness, yet improve our subjective capacities and by and large satisfaction.


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