The Human Brain in Photographs and Diagrams 4th Edition

By John Nolte (Author)


The third Edition of this famous map book offers you a precise way to deal with the gross life structures of the cerebrum, spinal rope, and the brainstem. With an accentuation on significant structures and ideas, and a cautious determination of shot segments, logical graphs, and brief content, you'll discover the direction you have to more readily comprehend this perplexing subject. Unlabelled photos compared with became dim variants of similar photos with significant structures illustrated and marked enables you to see an area as you would, in actuality. 

  1. Shows unlabelled and named photos and outlines of cerebrum areas in agreement 
  2. Joins charts of the useful frameworks of the CNS with real mind and spinal rope areas 
  3. Incorporates a glossary of more than 260 terms referenced in the book that clarifies all aspects of the chart book 
  4. Highlights developed segment photos that give expanded lucidity of structures and detail for simpler survey. 
  5. Incorporates shading in beforehand highly contrasting photos in the opening "guided visit" synopses enabling you to pursue and decipher what you see all the more unmistakably. 
  6. Exhibits new material on meninges · ventricles · and blood supply to expand your insight into mind capacity and movement. 
  7. Consolidates generously extended clinical inclusion with angiograms for a superior comprehension of the life structures. 
  8. Gives an outlined glossary containing 152 shading pictures. 
  9. This title incorporates extra media when bought in print group. For this advanced book release, media content is excluded.

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