Introducing Mathematics: A Graphic Guide

By Ziauddin Sardar  (Author), Jerry Ravetz  (Author), Borin Van Loon  (Illustrator)


What is mathematics, and for what reason is it such a riddle to such a large number of individuals? Arithmetic is the best production of human knowledge. It influences all of us. We rely upon it in our day by day lives, but then a considerable lot of the instruments of science, for example, geometry, polynomial math and trigonometry, are plummeted from old or non-Western civic establishments. Presenting Mathematics follows the tale of arithmetic from the old world to current occasions, depicting the incredible revelations and giving an open prologue to such themes as number-frameworks, geometry and variable based math, the analytics, the hypothesis of the vast, factual thinking and tumult hypothesis. It shows how the historical backdrop of arithmetic has seen improvement and oddity go connected at the hip - and how this is as yet happening todady.


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