Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry

By Jerry L. Sarquis (Author), Mickey Sarquis (Author)


The Holt Modern Chemistry Student Edition (Hardcover) stand-alone textbook is available for an additional student.

Modern Chemistry presents a balanced approach to conceptual and problem-solving instruction. It was designed to make chemistry accessible to more students than ever.

Content is chunked and organized around main ideas. and features:

Strategic vocabulary
Critical-thinking questions
Checking for Understanding questions and more.
Chapter topics include:

1. Matter and Change
2. Measurements and Calculations
3. Atoms: The Building Blocks That Matter
4. Arrangements of Electrons in Atoms
5. The Periodic Law
6. Chemical Bonding
7. Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds
8. Chemical Equations and Reactions
9. Stoichiometry
10. States of Matter
11. Gases
12. Solutions
13. Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties
14. Acids and Bases
15. Acid-Base Titration and pH
16. Reaction Energy
17. Reaction Kinetics
18. Chemical Equilibrium
19. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
20. Electrochemistry
21. Nuclear Chemistry
22. Organic Chemistry
23. Biological Chemistry

Hardcover with 944 pages

Grades 9-12th

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