Dark Psychology: Super Advanced Techniques to Persuade Anyone, Secretly Manipulate People and Influence Their Behaviour Without Them Noticing (Emotional, Body Language, NLP, Psychology Tricks)

By Richard Campbell  (Author)


When it comes to arguments and negotiations, do you usually get what you want—or does the person on the other side come out ahead, leaving you feeling baffled about why you accepted less than you deserved?

We all try to persuade others to give us what we want, starting when we are babies crying for food or comfort. Some children, however, do not develop the characteristics of conscience, empathy, and selflessness as they gather the skills of persuasion.
They can become predatory adults who master the dark triad of psychology. They can become serial killers and brutal rulers or the person you are dating.
If you want to recognize liars and manipulators before they can hurt you, you need the tools that Dark Psychology provides. If you would like win more often, this book can help.
Defend yourself against those who would use, abuse, and discard you by understanding how brainwashing, hypnosis, persuasion, and deception work.
This comprehensive book will allow you to win more often in negotiations, whether you are dealing with your manipulative teenager, your heartless boss, or the narcissist who is making your life miserable.


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