Top 20 Photos : 2019 Photography Competition ( Small world ) Nikon

1 . Fluorescent turtle embryo

Image Credit : Teresa Zgoda Teresa Kugler

2 Depth-color coded projections of three stentors (single-cell freshwater protozoans)

Image Credit : Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

Alligator embryo developing nerves and skeleton
Image Credit : Daniel Smith Paredes , Dr. Bhart-Anjan S. Bhullar

4 Male mosquito

Image Credit : Jan Rosenboom

3 Snowflake

Image Credit : Caleb Foster

5 Small white hair spider

Image Credit : Javier Rupérez

6 Chinese red carnation stamen

Image Credit : Dr. Guillermo López López

7 Frozen water droplet

Image Credit : Garzon Christian

8 Tulip bud cross section

Image Credit : Andrei Savitsky

10 BPAE cells in telophase stage of mitosis 
Image Credit : Jason M. Kirk

11 A pair of ovaries from an adult Drosophila female stained for F-actin (yellow) and nuclei (green); follicle cells are marked by GFP (magenta)
Image Credit : Dr. Yujun Chen Dr. Jocelyn McDonald

12 Mosquito larva
Image Credit : Anne Algar

13 Cuprite (mineral composed of copper oxide)
Image Credit : Dr. Emilio Carabajal Márquez

14 Female Oxyopes dumonti (lynx) spider
Image Credit : Antoine Franck

15 Pregnant Daphnia magna (small planktonic crustacean)
Image Credit : Marek Miś

16 Magnified eye pattern of a housefly
Image Credit : Dr. Razvan Cornel Constantin

17 Vitamin C

Image Credit : Karl Deckart

18 Cristobalite crystal suspended in its quartz mineral host
Image Credit : E. Billie Hughes

19 Octopus bimaculoides embryo
Image Credit : Martyna Lukoseviciute Dr. Carrie Albertin

20 Blood vessels of a murine (mouse) heart following myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Image Credit : Simon Merz Lea Bornemann, Sebastian Korste

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