The Biology of Cancer

By Robert A. Weinberg  (Author), Robert A Weinberg  (Author)


Completely refreshed and consolidating the most significant advances in the quickly developing field of malignant growth science, The Biology of Cancer, Second Edition, keeps up the majority of its trademark highlights appreciated by understudies, teachers, specialists, and clinicians around the globe. 

The Biology of Cancer is a course book for understudies concentrating the sub-atomic and cell bases of malignant growth at the undergrad, graduate, and therapeutic school levels. The standards of malignancy science are introduced in a sorted out, apt, and top to bottom way. The lucidity of composing, bolstered by a broad full-shading craftsmanship program and various instructive highlights, makes the book open and locks in. The data unfurls through the introduction of key tests that give perusers a feeling of revelation and give bits of knowledge into the reasonable establishment hidden current malignant growth science. 

The new Second Edition has been exhaustively overhauled and refreshed to incorporate significant advances in malignant growth science in the course of recent years. Updates incorporate current data on: 
  1. The tumor microenvironment 
  2. Metastatic spread 
  3. Tumor immunology 
  4. Malignancy undifferentiated cells 
  5. The epithelial-mesenchymal change 
  6. Multi-step tumorigenesis 
  7. Attack and metastasis 
  8. Change of malignant growth cell genomes 
  9. Enormously extended treatment of customary treatment 
  10. Epigenetic commitments 
  11. MicroRNA inclusion 
  12. The Warburg impact 
Other than its incentive as a course book, The Biology of Cancer is a helpful reference for people working in biomedical research facilities and for clinical experts. 

Each duplicate of the book accompanies a refreshed "Pathways in Human Cancer" publication and a DVD-ROM containing the book's craft program, an extraordinarily extended determination of motion pictures, sound record small scale addresses, Supplementary Sidebars, and a Media Guide.

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