Keys To The Universe : Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos

By Diana Cooper  (Author)


As a component of the planning for 2012- - when the universe will introduce tremendous changes for humankind - this assessment imparts the learning of insightful people of old. There are 48 keys and two enormous keys that open up the different energies of the universe. The data in this book will empower perusers to extend their cognizance by utilizing these keys to open the insider facts of different domains, for example, the creature and normal kingdoms, the elementals, various chief heavenly messengers and other-worldly creatures, infinite bosses, and intelligence focuses. An investigation of otherworldly laws, this is an interesting and significant take a gander at energies that show as sound resonances and what mankind can do to get to them. 

This most recent interesting book by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell presents the information of the insightful people of old for down to earth use. This is a piece of the arrangement for 2012. There are 48 keys and 2 enormous keys that open up the different energies of the universe. These are sound resonances that will begin to wake individuals up. The data in this book and the going with CD will empower you to associate with the privileged insights of the collective of animals, the nature kingdom, the elementals, various lead celestial hosts and creatures of the other-worldly domains, infinite Masters, the intelligence focal point of the star frameworks, Hollow Earth, a comprehension of the working of the components and the cognizance of the profound laws. These keys additionally empower you to get to your Higher Self and Monad (I AM Presence).

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