Watson And DNA

Making A Scientific Revolution (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)

By Victor K. McElheny  (Author)


The most compelling researcher of the only remaining century, James Watson has been at right on target in the formation of present day sub-atomic science. This awesome account enlivens the unprecedented accomplishments of Watson as well as each one of those chipping away at this forefront of logical disclosure, for example, Walter Gilbert, Francis Crick, Fran├žois Jacob, and David Baltimore. From the savage challenge in the race to distinguish the structure of DNA to a close to insurrection in the Harvard science office, to conflicts with ethicists over issues in hereditary qualities, Watson has left a wake of spoilers just as fans. Victor McElheny tests splendidly behind the shroud of Watson's own created persona, bringing us near the determined virtuoso and logical producer who activated and supported an insurgency in science.


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