Seeing Science

An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of the Universe (Illustrated Science Book, Science Picture Book for Kids, Science) 

By Iris Gottlieb  (Author)


Science is delightful. With unique representations that deftly clarify the bizarre however obvious universe of science, Seeing Science breathes life into the brilliant universe of science in an eccentric, non mainstream style. Craftsman and lay researcher Iris Gottlieb clarifies the extraordinary riddles of the universe, for example, neap tides, stripped mole rodents, whale falls, the human heart, the Uncertainty Principle, the ten elements of string hypothesis, and how ice sheets resemble Snickers bars. Gottlieb's idiosyncratic visual allegories and succinct authentic clarifications give only the perfect measure of data to stir the inquisitive personality with a craving to find out about the existence powers that quicken both the littlest cell and the greatest dark opening.


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