Picturepedia: An Encyclopedia on Every Page Hardcover

By DK  (Author)


Investigate the miracles of history, science, space, nature, and more with a definitive reference book for kids. Pressed with in excess of 10,000 shocking photos, outlines, and maps, it's a smaller than expected reference book for children on each and every page! 

From small bugs and spy innovation to the Big Bang hypothesis and savage volcanoes, Picturepedia clarifies each subject under (and including) the Sun to interest curious youthful perusers. Reveal the insider facts of ancient life, investigate the internal operations of the human body, and find in excess of 50 melodic instruments through delightful photographic displays and point by point designs that clarify subjects in astonishing profundity. 

Separated into in excess of 150 engrossing themes, Picturepedia is perfect for schoolwork, ventures, or inquisitive youthful personalities, making it an unquestionable requirement have youngsters' book for any individual who needs to know it all about anything.

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