Brain Tumors in Children 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

by Amar Gajjar (Author, Editor), Gregory H. Reaman (Author, Editor), Judy M. Racadio (Author, Editor), Franklin O. Smith (Author, Editor)


This book is a complete and forward-thinking abstract of all parts of cerebrum tumors in kids. After basic parts on the study of disease transmission of mind tumors, the book will give perusers cutting edge sections on the principals of radiation treatment, neurosurgery and neuroimaging. Consequent sections talk about the science and treatment of explicit kinds of cerebrum tumors. The closing sections present basic data important to survivorship, neurocognitive and other late impacts, and the worldwide difficulties to better determination and treatment of mind tumors in youngsters. This book is co-created by specialists in the treatment of pediatric mind tumors. The majority of the creators are globally perceived experts and they offer a proof put together accord with respect to the science and treatment of cerebrum tumors. This handbook has broad relevance to the clinical analysis and the executives of cerebrum tumors in youngsters and will demonstrate important to masters, generalists and students the same.

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