Wonders of Life

By Professor Brian Cox (Author), Andrew Cohen (Author)

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What is Life? Where did it originate from? For what reason does it end? 

In this delightful and conclusive new book, Professor Brian Cox takes us on a mind blowing adventure to find how a couple of major laws brought forth the most perplexing, assorted and novel power in the Universe – life itself. 

There are believed to be upwards of 100 million unique species on Earth – every single one represented by similar laws. Everything in the Universe, from the littlest microorganism to the biggest bunch of systems, is built from a similar crucial structure squares and is liable to similar laws of nature. What is valid for a bacterium is valid for a blue whale. This is the narrative of the astounding assorted variety and flexibility of life told through the essential laws that administer it. Through his voyage of disclosure, Brian will clarify how the surprising imaginativeness of nature occurred and reveal the achievements in the epic adventure from the beginning of life to our very own lives. 

From the huge systems of underground freshwater caves of the Yucatan promontory to the extraordinary and valuable island of Madagascar, Brian will search out the spots where the greatest inquiries concerning life might be replied: what is life? For what reason do we need water and for what reason does life end? 

Utilizing the most recent advances in science just as the front line illustrations utilized in The Sunday Times blockbusters Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe, Brian will reveal the insider facts of life in the most surprising areas and in the most shocking point of interest.

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