Developmental Biology 11th Edition

By Scott F. Gilbert  (Author), Michael J. F. Barresi (Author)


"The latest edition of Developmental Biology is a significantly revised version of a modern classis. This textbook provides a diversity of views on how a single cell can give rise to a multicellular organism, enhancing learning with clear prose, colorful images, didactic diagrams, and links to multimedia resources. . . . for students or professors who need a well-rounded, clearly written overview of developmental biology principles this is the most comprehensive textbook currently available." --Kara Cerveny, The Quarterly Review of Biology "Developmental Biology, Eleventh Edition successfully teaches the basis of development in a manner that is digestible and intriguing. It is useful for students who enjoy traditional as well as modern approaches to pedagogy. By systematically reviewing concepts in development, integrating web resources, and providing expansive applications about the subject matter, the textbook is valuable for readers interested in the field." --Jessica S. Bayner M.D., Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

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