Seahorse dance

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Seahorses are unique fish. They do not look like other fish. They also do not live like many other fish. Most seahorses mate for life. Often one male seahorse and one female seahorse become life partners. Together they create many baby seahorses. Male and female seahorses dance when they court. They can dance for hours. They twist their tails together and float. Sometimes they even change their colors so that they match. Eventually the female seahorse will deposit her eggs into the male's pouch. The male fish will then fertilize and carry the eggs for a few weeks. During this time the male and female will meet each other every morning. And once again they will dance! This is their way of saying hello. It is also their way of staying connected to one another. Meanwhile, the baby fish will emerge from their eggs. They will continue to grow tucked safely inside their father's pouch. After two to four weeks, the babies are born.

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