What is the importance of eating breakfast in weight loss?

Studies have indicated that there is no evidence that eating breakfast can help lose weight. Every day, people all over the world sit on the table to enjoy what many consider (the most important meal of the day). Breakfast habits often vary, as eggs and bacon are preferred in the United States and Britain, while crossovers prefer Italy and France.
Regardless of the many choices of breakfast, many people consider this meal to be the main part of the day, because it provides the body with the nutrients and energy necessary to start today actively, yet the debate about the effect of breakfast on health has been going on for years.
Eat breakfast breakfast weight loss

Detect the myth of breakfast

Some previous studies have suggested that eating breakfast can help a person maintain a healthy weight. For example, a team of Japanese researchers found that leaving breakfast was more strongly linked to weight gain than dinner three hours before sleep.
We need to explain these results cautiously because of the limited study. For example, the researchers did not take into account the types of food people eat at breakfast, as the lifestyle of the individual in food choices plays a prominent role in weight control.
To find out more about the link between eating breakfast and weight change, a team of researchers from the University of Monash in Melbourne, Australia, analyzed 13 randomized trials, mostly from the United States and Britain over the past 28 years.

The results revealed two holes:

First , they found no evidence to suggest that eating breakfast could help lose weight through the effective and early burning role of calories in preventing over-eating for the rest of the day.
Second , they found that leaving breakfast was not linked to a sense of hunger among people.

There is no style suitable for everyone

The average daily energy consumption was higher for those who ate breakfast than those who ate it, and they also found that those who skip the meal were 0.44 kg (0.97 pounds) ).
Some experiments focused on the effects of eating or skipping breakfast and changes in body weight. Other experiments focused on the effect of breakfast on daily energy consumption. Given the diversity of quality of studies, the authors are careful to interpret the results carefully.
Although there are some limitations, the authors of the study explain that the evidence collected in all the studies done so far does not support adult diets that include eating breakfast as a good weight-loss strategy. The authors conclude: "Although regular breakfast can be Has significant effects, but we have to be cautious when proposing breakfast to lose weight in adults, as it may have the opposite effect ».
"Eating or breaking breakfast can have different effects on different people because our metabolism is different," says Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College London, UK.
"There is no one-size-fits-all pattern, and the guidelines for a slow diet could contain false information that would be counterproductive and would reduce important health messages."
"While waiting for these instructional changes to change, there is no harm in personal experience in leaving breakfast," Professor Spector said.

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