This plane can go from New York to London in just 20 minutes .How?

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Charles Baumdarder, a skilled Canadian engineer, designed a plane called Antipode, which can travel at 18,264 miles per hour, which is 10 times faster than the Concorde and 24 times faster.
Charles explained that the idea of ​​traveling from New York to London in about 20 minutes has really attracted people's attention. In fact, this infrastructure will make traveling across the ocean as easy as a train ride inside Washington DC.
Charles describes his aircraft and says it will work as follows: Initially, the aircraft uses boosted missiles mounted on its wings, climbing to a height of 40,000 feet.
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A computer attached to the aircraft then sends a signal to ignite the combustion chambers of a supersonic compressor jet engine to maximize the speed of the aircraft.
The aircraft also uses one of the techniques of aerodynamics called the "long break mode", using a custom design for the front of the aircraft, reducing the noise caused by the aircraft's intrusion of the sound barrier - which is a threat to the population of the populated areas during the flight - At the front of the plane.
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Although there are some specific nuances that make their use appropriate, the design still faces some practical obstacles for everyday passengers.
For example, the plane will carry only ten passengers per trip, which means a significant increase in the price of a ticket. This is due to a fundamental property of its design, all of which are adjacent to each other and there are almost no moving components inside. In fact, the plane will be so small and powerful that it will burn all the oxygen surrounding it, requiring oxygen tanks attached to it.
Ordinary daily travel across continents is still a long way off, but Charles' design has certainly changed our view of air travel. More importantly, this experience is a major step in the direction of daily travel around the world.

Source Big Think

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