The Most Common Misconception About the Human Body

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There is a lot of information and beliefs prevalent among people that have been inherited since ancient times, may be the jurisprudence, but not based on scientific study and there is no scientific background supported.
Here are the most incorrect information about body health:

First: Body:

There are only four groups of baits: In addition to the bitter, salty and sweet taste, the sun can taste another taste (umami), which means a pleasant, bitter taste.
Risk of eating before swimming: Eating before swimming in a short time does not increase the risk of muscle contraction but there is a relationship between alcohol intake and drowning.
In children, hyperactivity occurs because of sugar. Sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children. Many studies have shown that there is no difference between the behavior of children who ate sugar-filled meals and those who ate non-sugar diets, even for children with allergies.
Mental abilities are distributed between the left and right hemispheres. The mental capacities are not fully distributed between the left and right hemispheres, but in fact, if one is damaged at an early age, the other half can take on the other.
The body needs eight glasses of water a day. The body does not need eight glasses of water every day. This need varies according to the type of food, the level of activity, the temperature and the humidity. Water can also be obtained from food.
Frankincense needs seven years to digest: a mistake that does not need all that time, and chewing gum passes through the digestive system at the same rate as other substances.
Drinking alcohol makes you feel warm: Alcoholic beverages generate a feeling of warmth through the expansion of blood vessels and stimulate nerve endings in the skin, and in fact can lead to hypothermia.
Vaccines Cause Autism: False, Vaccines Do not Cause Autism Although the fraudulent research claimed a link, the new studies repeated failed, and the original paper was rejected.
There are different ways of learning: All human beings learn in the same way. There is no evidence that people have different types of learning, nor do different learning styles improve retention of information.
Eating dairy products increases mucus production: Milk consumption or consumption of other dairy products does not increase mucus production, and it is not necessary for people with influenza to avoid these products.
Vitamin C protects against colds: Vitamin C does not prevent colds, but may reduce its duration.
It also acts as a protective agent in extreme cold weather.
Crackling of fingers: Do not cause crackling of healthy fingers, arthritis or other problems. This sound comes from the gas bubbles that are formed when the joints are separated from each other.
The presence of a specific taste zone for each taste: There are no specific areas for the taste salty, sweet, sour and bitter on the surface of the tongue, and can feel all the baits in all regions of the tongue by all taste buds.
Detoxification diet: It is a common myth that certain diets are rid of toxins, in fact the liver and kidneys do it.
Alcohol kills brain cells: It is not a healthy drink, but it does not necessarily kill brain cells.
Alcohol addicts may damage their brain cells due to excessive stimulation.
A vegetarian diet lacks a protein: A vegetarian diet is able to provide the proteins needed for the body, but a deficiency of vitamin B12 may occur.
Having sex reduces the strength of athletic performance: There is no scientific basis for this belief, and in fact sex can increase the testosterone that may strengthen athletic performance.
Only 10% of the human brain is used: We do not use only 10% of our brains, but in fact a few neurons in the brain are active at a given time, but other cells also have important functions.
Those who walk during sleep: These people can be puzzled when awakened but will not hurt, in fact if you let them walk asleep they may lose their balance and fall to the ground, awaken them They are not zombie.
Rust causes tetanus: In conditions of non-oxygen tetanus (Clostridium tetani - Clostridiumazazia) also cause rust and metals wrongly become the terms synonymous.
The drowning incident is visible to others: the drowning incident is often unclear to spectators, in many cases it is impossible to raise hands or scream because of the instinctive response to drowning.
The color of the veins is blue: Hemoglobin is what gives the blood its red color, so the oxygenated blood is light red and non-oxygenated with a dark red color, while the blue color we see comes from the dispersion of light on the surface of the skin.
Vacuum makes objects explode: This sounds excellent in movies but it's not true.
Vacuum and low pressure do not cause the objects to explode or the internal fluid is boiling. Instead, they cause slow death due to hypoxia.
The presence of only five senses in humans: In addition to the sight of taste, smell, hearing and touch the body can feel twenty other sense, including balance, acceleration, site knowledge, pain, temperature, pressure and thirst.
Water causes wrinkles: These wrinkles are not caused by the skin; rather, the nervous system, which leads to local vasoconstriction in response to wet skin.
Hair shave increases its thickness: Hair shaving does not increase its thickness and density, but the hair becomes sharper rather than a sense of roughness.
Hair repair products: These preparations do not repair the ends of damaged and damaged hair, but prevent the damage and moisturize it, and therefore seems to have been repaired.
Hair growth continues after death: Hair and nail growth does not continue after death, but the skin dries and shrinks away from hair and nail bases, giving the appearance of growing.

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