The Last Living Headhunters

From Nagaland In Northeast India the Last Living Headhunters

Nagaland is a state in the far northeast of India. It is bordered to the east by Burma, Manipur in the south, Assam by the west of Arunachal Pradesh and part by Assam in the north. The state capital is Kohima (English: Kohima), the largest city of Dimapur. With a population of about 2 million and a total area of 16579 square kilometers (6401 square miles) - making it one of the smallest states in India.

The people from Konyak practiced headhunting until 60-70 years. It is also the only tribe that opposed Christianity and modernization longer any other tribe in Nagas because wars and headhunting were an essential part of their life.

The oldest man in Hongphoi village is 105 years old.
100 years old, the second oldest in Hongphoi.
85-year-old Yaowang has chopped 5 heads in the past.

100 years old.
In Longwa, kids carry kids.
Friends forever – 83 year-old Manyam on the left side and the oldest in Longwa, 87-year-old Chopa on the right.
‘Hongphoi 2018’ mission completed.

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