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The importance of studying and its impact on the individual and society, as the subject of history is one of the basic subjects that are received by young people in schools, which continue their studies for long periods, ranging between the primary and secondary through the middle stage, and experts believe that the history of history Especially, because their positive impact is not limited to the person of the learner only,

But it is reflected on society in general, and therefore recommend the need to enrich the historical culture of children, their search for a lot of reading and watching documentaries that record important moments in the history of nations.

The Funeral of a Viking, 1893
According to the 10th century Arab scholar Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Viking funerals for their leaders were long and cruel. The leader's body would be put in a tent on his ship for ten days by a matriarch known as the "angel of death". A "thrall" (slave or serf) girl would volunteer to go the the afterworld with him. During those ten days, she would be guarded day and night by the daughters of the "angel of death" and intoxicated with drinks. When it was time for her master to be cremated, she would go through a series of rituals. She would be given even more intoxicating drinks in the hopes that they would put her into a psychic trance. She would be lifted by six men through a doorframe, and each time she would claim to see a different vision; firstly her parents, then her entire family, and finally her master in the afterworld, beckoning her. She would then be led onboard her master's ship, and she would give her jewellery to the old woman and her daughters who guarded her. She would then enter her master's tent, followed by six men, who would each take turns in having sex with her รข€“ supposedly symbolic of her status as a vessel for life force. Then the men would hold her still by the limbs, with a rope around her neck, and the "angel of death" would enter the tent and stab the girl between her ribs. The boat would then be set on fire. It should be noted, the accuracy of this particular account is unclear, but there is plenty of evidence that women and slaves were sacrificed alongside their chief.
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In Norse mythology, boats symbolized safe passage into the afterlife on the same vessel that aided their travels in life, so they played a key role in funeral rites. Some grave mounds were built to resemble ships, with stones used to outline the vessel’s shape. For other high-ranked Norsemen, the honors went a step further, and they were buried with their actual boats.
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Great Fire of London

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Is a huge fire that swept through the main areas of the English city of London, and continued from the second Sunday in September 1666 until the fifth Wednesday of the same month. The ancient city of London, built in the Middle Ages, was destroyed by the London Roman Archaeological Wall. Fire was also close to the aristocratic Westminster Quarter, King Charles II Palace (White Hall Palace) and most of the slums. The fire also consumed about 13,000 houses, 87 pastoral churches, and the old St. Paul's Cathedral. Most of the city's buildings were occupied by official bodies and authorities. It is estimated that the fire caused the destruction of seventy thousand residents of the population, which are then eighty thousand. It also did not specify the number of deaths, which was said to have been very limited; recorded confirmed deaths were only six. However, this allegation has recently been refuted based on the fact that deaths from the poor and the middle class have not been recorded; and that the large heat generated by the fire can cause many of the victims to become ashes, preventing any residue from being identified.

A street man selling mummies in Cairo, Egypt, 1875

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During the Victorian era of 1800’s, Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt threw open the Gates of Egypt’s history for the Europeans. At that time, mummies were not accorded the respect that they deserved from the European elites and in fact, mummies could be purchased from street vendors (as shown in picture) to be used as the main event for parties and social gatherings that took place in the 18th century. The elites of the era would often hold “Mummy Unwrapping Parties”, which, as the name suggests, had the main theme in which a Mummy would be unwrapped in front of a boisterous audience, cheering and applauding at the same time.
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In the 17th and 18th centuries Binding books by human skin 

It's called "anthropodermic bibliopegy" and there are allegedly 47 human-skin-bound books in libraries and universities around the world, nine tested and confirmed to be human. Many instances of this are found on anatomical books, which are bound in the skin of the cadavers dissected for research. There are also some copies of Marquis de Sade's Justine et Juliette that are bound in the tanned skin of female breasts. For context, Marquis de Sade was the sick fucker after whom the word "sadist" was invented. Some of the breast-bound books apparently even have the nipples in tact.

The Wellcome Library's book on virginity - "This curious little book on virginity and the female reproductive functions seems to me worth of a binding appropriate to the subject and covered by a portion of female skin, tanned by myself with sumac. " Dr Ludovic Bouland
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