Rare medical condition: Baby Girl Born With Her Twin Living Inside Her

A Colombian girl and her twins were born inside her abdomen, in a rare case of the birth of a fetus in Jenin, although not fully studied, about 100 similar cases were reported. Doctors noticed something in her womb (Itzamara) while she was still in her womb (Monica Vega), which is rare because it is usually observed in childhood, but in one rare case the doctors found a fetus inside a fetus 47 years old.
Through ultrasound scans in the 35th week of pregnancy, doctors noticed a cyst resembling a fetus, but with a thorough examination it turned out to be an embryo.
"It is one of the strangest and most wonderful things you may see in the specialty of maternal and fetal medicine," said Dr. Miguel Antonio Parra Saavedra, who treated the condition. "The mother told us her condition, but she has not heard it before, as most people do."
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On February 22, a cesarean delivery was performed at a healthy weight of 3.2 kg (7 lb). The doctors were forced to perform a minor operation the size of the key to remove the twin that was still growing inside. Only 14 millimeters and had no heart or brain and limbs were undeveloped, and died after cutting the umbilical cord that linked them.
Scientists have not identified the cause of the condition so far, but it is believed to occur during the first weeks of pregnancy after one of the fetuses wraps up and wraps the other called the parasite and depends on the blood supply of the twin. This condition may sometimes be diagnosed as a teratoma, a tumor of the reproductive cells that consists of several types of tissue, such as hair, muscles, nails, and bones, so that sometimes the miraculous tumor may seem like an undeveloped embryo.
Itzamara is in good health and is on her way to full recovery. "She has a small scar on her stomach, but she's a normal baby now except the whole world is talking about her," Dr Parra Saavedra told The New York Times.

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