Kids Design Their Dream Bedrooms

Kids around the world draw up their dream bedrooms

Most kids are unabashedly enthusiastic about what they love and their bedrooms can tell us so much about their personality. But what would happen if they were asked to design their own bedrooms, with no limits to what they can have in there?
We asked kids from around the world to draw their dream bedrooms and then we brought their ideas to life.

1. Pakistan - Inaya (5)

Inaya loves nature and outdoor activities, as you can see from her drawing she has added flowers to the bed sheet, grass around her bed, and a swing/slide close to the bed.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Inaya has filled her room with oval shapes. The bed, pillows, and mirror are all oval shaped which gives her room a very welcoming feeling. She also loves puzzles and designed the walls to be made up of jigsaw pieces.
Image credits: Angie’s List
When Inaya saw her design brought to life she thought it was real and wanted to know when she could go and sit in the room.

2.Spain - Martín (6)

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Martín’s dream room is the 5 storey bunk bed, which he designed to look like a skyscraper so he can invite a lot of friends to stay over. But how does he get down you ask? Well that’s what the spiral slide is for of course.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Martín was very clear and detailed in his plans. He wanted plenty of Lego blocks as he loves to build things with them.  You‘ll also notice a fish tank on the table, a huge cinema screen and a candy machine (that’s the big yellow thing with the 2 pipes).
Image credits: Angie’s List
When he saw it, Martín couldn't believe it was his room at first and wondered if he and his friends can visit. He was also very proud that his name was on the top bunk bed.

3. Argentina - Gala (6)

The centerpiece of Gala’s dream room design is the big tree. According to Gala, inside the tree lives a parrot, who is free to fly in and out of the window anytime.
Image credits: Angie’s List
There are two swings hanging from a branch of the tree, one is for Gala and the other is for her little brother Isidro. Other key elements of her design are the big mirror with lights, a bookcase full of books and real flowers.
Image credits: Angie’s List
“Wooow!! What? I love it!” was Gala‘s response when she saw her room brought to life. She was ecstatic and hopes to save up enough money to get the room for real one day.

4. Greece - Elias (7)

The colour green represents something friendly and serene for Elias. Well it doesn’t get much more serene than his room design! Elias loves squirrels and nuts, so his room is designed so he can have real squirrels come and live with him.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Elias specified that his forest room design room should be “a little bit theatrical”; It’s dripping in greenery and features a huge oak tree and a small pond with plenty of cute fish. Elias also loves his modern technological comforts; atop his beautiful log desk is a shiny new computer.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Elias was super excited about the nature feeling of the room when he saw it. He really liked the pond, tree and bed. He said he would love to live there for real.

5. Ukraine - Viola (9)

Viola really loves cyan and violet colours. She says that violet is ‘the color of magic’. As you can see from her drawing, she also loves the sky and waterfalls.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Viola’s dream room design is beautifully simple and elegant. She wanted to create a room which would come alive, a place where she can travel around and interact with all the things inside. She designed a big rainbow on the wall and hanging clouds to make if feel like sleeping in the sky. Imagine going to sleep here every night, your dreams would be fantastic.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Upon seeing her room brought to life, Voila said she felt "happiness, bright colors, a warm summer, and sunny fun."

6. England - Harry (10)

Harry’s big dream is to become a SWAT police officer or racing car driver when he grows up. His room design is the perfect training ground and as you can see, it has been drawn with the finest attention to detail.
Image credits: Angie’s List
It has an LED floor and a hot wheels track that circles the room. He designed a purple and green sunken couch with heated seats and a platform bed which connects to another platform via a wooden bridge. The bed is accessed by a ladder and of course you get down on a slide. Underneath the bed platform is a gaming room.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Harry loved his room when he saw it and said it was exactly what he had drawn. He said he would love to have this bedroom for real.

7. Philippines - Briana (10)

Briana wants to be an interior designer when she grows up and she has a passion for designing and decorating rooms. She clearly has a talent for this and is already well on her way with this design.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Briana loves sleepovers; so her bed is big enough for three. There is even extra space on the sofa bed to fit more people. Under the bed you'll find her office, where she can do her school assignments, play games and watch her favorite K-Pop idols.
Image credits: Angie’s List
Briana said the room looks beautiful and she particularly loved how the bed, couch and vanity desk turned out.
The unlimited imagination of kids make them the perfect interior decorators. So if you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to let your child design their own room, this is all the proof you need that it’s in fact a great idea. So, grab them some crayons, a piece of paper and let them draw out their dream bedroom.


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