Can vitamin C be the alternative to exercise?

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Exercise is known to improve the health of adults, especially those with obesity and obesity, but it is usually difficult to stick to as a daily routine. The results of a recent study show that taking dietary supplements of vitamin C on a daily basis can have a similar effect to exercise to reduce the contraction of blood vessels in adults.
Adults with obesity and overweight are often advised to exercise to improve their health, but nearly 50 percent of them do not.
A study presented at the 14th Medical Congress organized by the group of doctors for the care of patients with arterial pressure showed that taking vitamin C supplements daily can have benefits on blood vessels similar to the benefits of regular exercise in adults.
The study found that people with obesity and overweight have a high proportion of the endothelin ET-1 protein, which increases the contraction of small blood vessels, and inhibits the flow of blood in them, causing an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The study also showed that exercise limits the activity of the endothelin ET-1 protein, but adherence to it regularly and routinely is a major challenge.
This study was conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder to find out whether vitamin C supplements that have been shown to improve vascular function are able to reduce endothelin ET-1 or not. The researchers found that a daily dose of 500 mg of vitamin C limited the contraction of blood vessels resulting from increased ET-1 as much as walking. "Vitamin C supplementation is an effective strategy in the lives of obese and overweight patients to reduce blood vessel contraction caused by increased endothelin ET-1."

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