Are there really four cases of the substance? What are the cases of the other substance?

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There are four common cases among the general population: solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasma. But the material does not stop at these cases only, the article may take many cases depending on the physical conditions surrounding it, and this is what we will learn in this article.
The material is the main component of the universe besides energy, but matter is the structure of the universe, or more clearly: it is the expression of what is in the universe of atoms, molecules and ions composed of all physical objects, and in other definitions: it is all that has a mass and occupies a space of space . This is due to the fact that these four cases are the most common and available in the normal environment surrounding us, as follows:

1. Solid state:

The molecules that make up this state of matter are very close together and are very tightly intertwined, so that you can not move one of these molecules apart from the other molecules, in addition to having very little kinetic energy, but the atoms of these molecules vibrate constantly in their position Where you are. The solid state of the material has a fixed shape and a specific size, and does not take the shape of the vessel placed in it. As a result of their bonding strength, they will not be able to influence their size by pressure.

2. Liquid Condition:

The molecules of this state of matter are characterized by higher kinetic energy than in solid state. These molecules do not form a specific form of matter, but they are loosely bonded together, allowing them to take the shape of the container in it. But it has a fixed and specific size, as well as the possibility of compressing it, ie solid state. When strongly influencing the surface of a liquid, these forces are distributed evenly on the surface allowing any body to remove any liquid and replace it. 
In April 2016 scientists announced a strange state of matter in its liquid state, in which case the fluid could be carried by hand as a solid material
When the material was scanned with microscopes, the electrons appeared in a random link, like a substance in its liquid state. This new material is called Kitaev quantum spin liquid. This is due to the entry of the electrons of this material in a state of random dance, in violation of the conventional position. Liquid cooling regulates the electrons. The solid state of matter begins to form, Electrons of this material tend to be indiscriminate regardless of the ambient temperature of the low ocean.

3. Gaseous state:

There are large interstellar distances between the gas molecules, allowing their kinetic energy to increase, and if these particles are not confined to a particular vessel or medium, they will be scattered randomly in space. When the gas molecules are stored in a container, these particles are spread to occupy all parts of the container or container. When pressure increases, the temperature and kinetic energy increase. In addition, if the volume of the vessel remains constant and the temperature of the particles increases, then its kinetic energy will increase and its pressure will increase on the walls of the vessel.


This condition may not be common on Earth, but it is the most common material state in the entire universe. Plasma consists mainly of highly charged particles, it has very large kinetic energy, and noble noble gases are often used to make plasma on Earth. 
The stars are mainly balls of inflamed and large plasma.
After reviewing the most common cases, we will review the other cases of the article very briefly, with a detailed discussion of the next article.

• Cases of non-classical material:

1. Glass:

Glass is a solid non-crystalline or amorphous material, and when exposed to high temperatures it turns into a liquid state.

2. Hard plastic crystals:

An anomaly is a solid state, where its molecules are in rotational motion from their solid state, with the order of these molecules varying in their structure.

3. Liquid crystals:

Is the state that mediates the transformation of solid crystals into the normal liquid state. This condition is characterized by the difficulty of the movement of its circular molecules such as the state of the solid crystals, in addition to the fact that it differs from the liquid state by its super-interaction with light.

• Low temperature conditions:

1. Superfine:

When approaching the absolute zero temperature, the fluid for the wife and her collector is completely lost. This condition was first discovered in the liquid state of helium in 1937, and it is characterized by its infinite superposition of heat with little resistance.

2. Bose condensation Einstein:

Albert Einstein and Nath Bose predicted that there would be a state of matter in which they ceased to act as independent molecules, collapsing so quantely that they could be described by a single wave function, when some gases reached absolute zero.

3. Vermont condensation:

Is a "Booz Einstein" condensate-like condition, but includes only fermions.

4. Redberg molecules:

Is one of the stable conditions of the plasma, and when the atoms are condensed at a certain temperature.

5. Optical Materials:

A state of matter occurs as photons interact with large-mass gases, producing photonic or light particles.

• High-energy material cases:

1. Dissolving material:

This substance is often present in the stars under very high pressure and has a very high density. They play in the creation of quantitative qualities of those objects.

2. Quark material:

Quark is the main component of the structure of protons and neutrons present in the nucleus of the atom. When these quarks are released from the forces that bind them to each other at high density and temperatures, these quarks pass through different phases of the material called quark.
There are other cases of matter that we will learn in subsequent articles such as super stiffness, or dark matter.

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