A mysterious eclipse of the sun in Siberia and no definitive scientific explanation of what happened

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The sun has been hidden in the Arctic, Siberia, local residents in northern Yakutia said that daylight disappeared completely for several hours, according to the newspaper "The Times of Siberia."
For the Russian "Yakutia" (also called "Sakha"), part of Siberia, home to the coldest cities in the world, July is a welcome retreat from the seven-month winter. October to April.
It is a rare time of year when local residents can leave the house without risk of freezing their glasses on their faces, a time when the gentle sun can relate to the sky for more than 20 hours a day instead of less than two hours.
Imagine the confusion and disillusionment when the local population left at least two areas of Yakutia on Friday afternoon, July 20, and saw the sun completely hidden for 3 hours.
According to the regional news site Yakutia 24, the Ivino-Phetantasky and Chejanski regions of Yakutia entered in an inexplicable way in 3 hours of mysterious darkness between 11 am and 2 pm local time on Friday.
The images provided by the bemused locals show little more than the dark shadows of the trees and buildings hanging on a reddish nebula from the sky, in addition to the ominous atmosphere, the air seemed thick with a dirty nebula of black dust.
"It was impossible to be on the street," witnesses said. Other local residents reported that the sky suddenly became dark black in their homes, so that the mysterious smog around the drums of water to mud drums And that the nearby lakes came out of the eclipse covered with a dirty black layer of pollution, what a happy summer!
So, what was behind this mysterious eclipse? While a local resident blamed Satan for this incident, there is a more likely culprit: multiple forest fires around Yakutia and elsewhere in Siberia, the Siberian Times reported.
Between July 5-9, 2018, a massive smoke cloud was released by a series of Siberian forest fires about half the distance around the globe, through Alaska and into central Canada, according to NASA's Earth Observatory.
As NASA's Earth Observatory reminds us, it has separated massive fires in Siberia. Hundreds of fires have already burned tens of thousands of hectares of forest since May (the hectare is the unit of size for measuring farmland).
While most of these fires are hundreds of miles away from dust-covered eclipses, smoke and aerosols fired by some of these fires have been traced half a mile around the globe.
On July 3, one set of blazing fires produced a huge smoke cloud that spread over 5,000 miles (11,000 km) in 11 days, through northeastern Russia, through Alaska and into Central Canada before the start Stage of weakness.
NASA scientists wrote that a smoky cloud of this size could easily shade the earth and fill the air with polluted gases.
However, as of July 23, no definitive conclusions were reached on the incomprehensible eclipse in Yakutia.
Siberia has its share of bizarre accidents, from the bag full of broken hands that appeared in the snow in March to rain showers of gold bullion that rained from the sky.
Siberia Industrial has some long-term pollution issues (see the "bloody rain" of industrial rust that fell in the factory parking lot only a few weeks ago), so this pollution blur can simply be the result of a combination of factors that we hope Satan will not be one of them .

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