A man injects himself with his semen for the treatment of back pain

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(Irish Medical Journal, Dunne L. et al., 2019)
A man injects himself with his semen for the treatment of back pain. 
A 33-year-old Irish man injects himself with his semen once a month, injecting a syringe into the seminal fluid and injecting it into his arm or through the vein of his right arm in the hope that his chronic back pain will be blunted.
Doctors faced this unusual case when the man was admitted to Dublin Hospital because of the pain of his back caused by a heavy load and spent several days in the hospital.
After the tests, the medical staff noticed signs of redness, swelling and clear inflammation under the skin of his right arm, and X-rays showed signs of deep abscess under the skin. 
The patient said that the problem often result from injecting himself with semen.
The problem of back pain continues with the man a long time ago and found a strange solution to inject himself muscular and venous sperm, and over the past year and a half the man gives himself a syringe monthly, during periods of pain increased it was several times a month.
A study of the case was published in an Irish medical journal. The authors looked deeply into medical literature or alternative medicine in the hope of finding a reason or explanation for what the man had done, but found no results.
The researchers conducted a comprehensive review of Pubmed, EMBASE, and Google Schoolar databases to find any evidence of intravenous intravenous injection for back pain or any other medical or non-medical use.
Although there was a report on the effects of subcutaneous injection of sperm into rats and rabbits in 1945, there have been no cases of intravenous sperm injection in humans throughout history, so the alleged health benefits are questionable.
Historically, semen was sometimes injected under the skin in small amounts to carry out sensitivity tests. The effectiveness of this method has been questioned in the alleviation of symptoms of allergies by human semen. 
But when it comes to relieving pain, there is no effect to support this trend. There is no doubt that this man's story has more details, and we will not be able to reach it entirely, neither we nor the doctors.

A person who is a bacteriologist (cellulitis) is a bacterial skin infection. The doctors gave him intravenous antibiotics, his back pain was relieved and he was discharged from the hospital.


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