6 Of the Most Difficult Puzzles Waiting Answer

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We all almost love solving puzzles, but there is a huge difference between fun solving puzzles and the difficulty of some codes that are designed to be impossible to solve.
Here are six of the most difficult codes on the planet that have been hard to solve, ranging from codes designed by spies through a real-life hunt to searching for a buried treasure or even a book written in a strange language nobody understands on Earth.

1- «Kryptos»:

Kryptos is one of the most mysterious sculptures at the CIA headquarters in Langley, USA, designed by the American artist Jim Sanborn with the help of Ed Scheidt. Kryptos means ancient Greek (Hidden), containing four separate codes, it took some CIA agents seven years to solve the first three codes, but the fourth code remained unresolved.

2-Manuscript «Voynich»

Voynich is one of the most famous mysteries in the history of codification, a handwritten manuscript believed to date back to the early 14th century, a book of 246 pages printed on calfskin.
This manuscript was written in an unknown language and has nothing to do with European languages. The alphabet is 28 characters long and does not use punctuation in the text.
No one has been able to break the code so far, with some describing this book as a trick.

3- «The Beale Papers»

"The Beale Papers", a booklet containing three codes, decoded only one, contains code that correspond to the Declaration of Independence of the United States, while the remaining two remaining codes are vague and unresolved, where it is believed to indicate the place of buried buried value millions of dollars.

4- LCS35 »

LCS35 is known as the Clock Lock Mystery, designed by researcher Ron Rives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999.
No one knows what is inside, and it is estimated that mathematicians will take 35 years to solve this puzzle, but we can wait a little longer to find out.

5- «Dorabella cipher»

Compared to some of the most bizarre symbols in this list, "Dorabella" codes may make it seem like a child's scribble, but it has not been resolved since 1897.
The English composer Edward Elgar wrote this encrypted letter and sent it to his girlfriend Dorabella Penny, but neither she nor anyone else who signed the letter could understand her content. .

6 - The Tamam Shud Case

In 1948, the body of an unidentified man was found on an Australian beach. In his pocket was a torn sheet of a book with the words "Tamam Shud" in Persian, meaning "finished".
The police finally found the book from which the page was taken, along with short codes, but unfortunately no one could decipher the code or identify the dead man.

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